Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai was born in India, the city of Mangalore on 1 November 1973. Father Krishnaraj Rai, merchant Navy officer in India, mother Vrinda Rai a writer. Aishwarya knows several languages, besides his native Tula, she studied English, Hindi, Marathi and tamariskia.

Since childhood Aishwarya studied classical dance and music. The girl, with model looks, never wanted to be a model or actress, she wanted to get a medical education. But, alas, the doctor she never was. Aishwarya’s parents belonged to the elite of Indian society, observe centuries-old traditions and raised her daughter strictly. The nose the other hand, high social status, wide knowledge, was just obliged to give Aishwarya’s parents, not only Indian but European education. The girl, in their opinion, had to know well English and studying in good College or University. After graduating from College, his parents sent the daughter who is studying in the University, the faculty of modern architecture. The pursuit of art was acceptable for a girl from educated family.

But Aishwarya with their unusual Oriental beauty immediately attracted the attention of model agents. Strict parents forbade the girl to try herself as a model. After Aishwarya Rai in 1994, won the competition «Miss World”, she was noticed by Directors from bollywood. They assumed that a very beautiful girl will make the movie popular among the audience, and therefore successful. The way it happened. Acting in different movies Aishwarya Rai, more liked by the audience and eventually became one of the most popular Actresses in India. The actress began to offer a choice of different roles with good fees.

Aishwarya never knew all the difficulties of the fashion business, she has not offered anyone my portfolio, modeling agencies are looking for a girl to offer me a job. So Aishwarya has become the face of “Pepsi” in India, and won the title «Miss India”.

Aishwarya Rai Film Career:

For the first time the girl was filmed in 1997 in the band “white lie”. Critics this film is not liked. This role of Aishwarya in the film “And she fell in love with each other” made it popular, the tape was a success with viewers. Her beauty conquered all of the Indian population, Aishwarya Rai received the award for best female debut. In India, the actress starred in many films, becoming with every new picture more popular.

In 1999, Aishwarya played a temperamental, passionate Taal in the film “love Rhythms”, which talked about a young girl from the village who dreamed to become a singer. That chance had fallen to the girl, and she totally disappeared into the job of your dreams. The film also played the famous bollywood actors ALok Nath, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Khanna.

In 1999, the talented actress was awarded the prize for best female role in the film “Forever yours”. Aishwarya played Nandini, daughter of Darbar Pundita a music teacher. Nandini’s father forbade the daughter to marry the Italian Samira music teacher. Beautiful film with many famous actors received 26 awards. This year Aishwarya also acted in the movie «Return home”.

Aishwarya Rai 2000 years:

Beauty Aishwarya different steel will. To participate in the next film, she had to sacrifice a lot associated with danger to life. Despite the high fees for movies, popular Indian actors are involved in dangerous scenes, they have no doubles. Aishwarya Rai was very hard to participate in some movies. In one picture on the set, statistician, who was driving, pulled to the curb and was hit by the actress who fell on a big cactus. Aishwarya not only escolares needles, but I broke my arm. Shooting was interrupted for thirty days, then an actress again began to play, saying that without risk there is no naturalness.

In 2000, Aishwarya starred in seven popular films. She played Mel in the “the Fatal feast”, “Find themselves”, “a Few words about love”, “Lovers” and “My heart ” for you!”. And the musical “the Passion of love” was a breakthrough.

In the TV series «voice of the heart” Aishwarya starred with Flavia and Alessandro, Eduardo Moskovitam, Priceline Fantine. The events of the series develops in two times: in 1920 and 1940. The daughter of a Dutchman and an Indian, destined to become the reincarnation of the moon. Serena was born in order to fulfill all the purposes of the moon. It’s the story of love and hope.

Amazing talent is helping Aishwarya in each new role to bring lively character, charm. The role of Sonia in a TV series called “love Island” has brought the actress prize for the best acting. Sonia the daughter of the Austrian Ambassador in India, came to the island of Mauritius, where she spent her childhood. Local guide Tony leads the girl on the island and falls in love with her. It even seems that she too is in love with him, but her heart is given to another – journalist Move.

Love drama “Devdas” Paradise has not only had box office success in India, but celebrated Rai on Cannes film festival. During the filming of Aishwarya partner injured his hand, and she miraculously doesn’t get hurt, but was splattered with his blood and received a severe shock. The film “Devdas” was the first tape of bollywood, which was shown in Cannes. A beautiful Aishwarya Rai came to the show in a Sari, was a real discovery. Legendary Julia Roberts called Aishwarya the most beautiful woman on earth.

The actress career went rapidly uphill. Well-played roles in the films “NAS ne dogonyat”, “I have you”. It’s in the band ’s son Back Aishwarya plays together with the famous Indian actors Nana Patekar, Karishma Kapoor, and Sanjay Kapoor. In the film, the husband of Nandini, finds out that his native village was a slaughter, and decides to go there. But he and the family have to regret this decision.

Aishwarya Rai – this is a lovely, talented actress, who proved to the world their beliefs. Indian cinema, she, by example, proved that a woman can be not only beautiful but also talented. Used to think that Dana or beauty, or mind. Films “Grit” “soul on Ice” attracted attention of whole of India. Playing bollywood, actress dream to conquer and Western movies. Alas, the conquest of other countries began with problems on the personal front Aishwarya.

Aishwarya knew that to forget about emotional experiences only work and started filming the Director Indian Guandao Chadha. She played in the movie “Bride and prejudice”. Her heroine wanted to marry for love. She fell in love with American will Darcy. The actress played in the movie along with Nidera Baburam and Martin Henderson.

After the success of the movie “Bride and prejudice” Aishwarya noticed in Hollywood. The actress continued to play in Indian films. For the average Indian, Aishwarya was just a goddess. She was the epitome of bollywood tales. Aishwarya knew that it is a symbol of his people.