The year of the Boar (Pig) horoscope – careerAttention! This horoscope is focused on the typical representatives of the horoscope and gives only an approximate description of character and temperament.


Career, love

Any case Pigs are paying attention, they are distinguished by the persistence and responsibility at work. They don’t take spontaneous decisions, and carefully weigh the “” and “against” and only after that put the objectives and goals for the future. And if the Pig decides to go on its way to achieve the intended result, it is unlikely that someone will be able to talk him out of it or make you deviate from your chosen path. But, the Pig goes over the head and behind the back weaves intrigue, this protiva the very essence of man.

Pigs have an innate sense of justice and kindness, they don’t like to argue and to gossip. They are ideal for peacekeeping and charitable activities. Of these people are good workers in the social sphere. And they can find their vocation in a creative profession.

The energy potential of the Pig is huge, so those born in this year – energetic people who can achieve astonishing success in career and business. Moreover, even risking and losing, they indulge in a little sadness, and quickly return itself the lost positions.

Born in the year of the Pig not only love to work hard but efficiently and to relax, they appreciate the warmth and comfort, rarely deny myself nice things and not only.

We can say that the Pig is lucky in life and it is easy. It is no wonder that in Ancient China believed that all signs of the Eastern horoscope, the Pig might feel in full measure, what is the horn of plenty and prosperity.