Your voice and career: type of voiceThink about the types of voters that have characterized the singers: soprano — highest female voice Alto — the lowest, mezzo-soprano — medium. Tenor — the highest male voice bass — low and deep bass is of exceptionally low natural range.

Your natural conversational voice corresponds to one of these types. Each has its own upper, middle and lower register. If the average “salt” is in the middle of your range, you may fall or rise — in open and closed larynx nasal passage.

You can lower your voice if you speak,’ as I call it, “out of socks.” This, at first glance, a meaningless expression, I always tell my students in courses voice. I mean is this: you always hit the heels into the floor, straighten your back, your diaphragm automatically flexes, causing the voice come from a source lower than the nasal cavity.

Similarly, if you remember that feeling that occurs when the chest filled with air and the throat is revealed, we will be able to move easily up and down in its range without losing a pleasant resonance.

It is useful to do the following exercise: say “hee-hee-hee”, and “ha-ha-ha” and “Ho Ho Ho” to hear the registers of his voice.

As a teacher of statement of the speech, I have helped many people improve the sound of your voice. In the early 60-ies, when I taught voice training for speakers “voice of America”, one of my students experienced difficulties trying to understand how you can make your voice lower. In other words, she knew what a good voice should be more low, but did not know how to achieve this.

I asked her to listen to other announcers radio and television and to decide for themselves what each of them register to vote — good or bad. She was particularly impressed with the voice of Edward R. Murrow, she carefully analyzed it and started trying to talk like him. Subsequently she could want to play the voice to remind yourself about how you need to talk.