All but love (2013)Director Rob Sietch is the audience his new Comedy. A funny film about contemporary mores. The main character Ben is, literally, all men dream. He is very successful in his career, he is constantly invited to the best parties, he was chasing gorgeous women. Everyone’s jealous of Ben. But no one even realizes that, actually, Ben is unhappy. It lacks the most important – love.

During a party the hero meets with his classmate. The idea is that it should become another “trophy”. But the opposite is true – Ben falls in love with a girl but she breaks his heart.And this is only the beginning of history.

There is nothing more important than love. No career, neither party will not replace the light and clean feeling. But to understand this simple and complex truth, the heroes have much to worry about.

The online film is the gorgeous actress Rachel Taylor. He is already familiar to audiences for her role in the movie “transformers”. And in the film “Everything but love” her work is also brilliant.

In the Comedy, aimed primarily at a young audience, nonetheless many dramatic moments. They make the story believable and “alive” color. Invite your parents and friends and see this wonderful picture in a big company.