Gemini and careerTwins have a certain level of genius, and in many respects, but it creates problems for people with whom they work. Gemini does not like to walk on trodden paths, they seek always and everywhere to find their own way. They are not concerned about the attitude of colleagues, since Twins almost always confident in their abilities and professional values, so often they are convinced that colleagues should rejoice at the opportunity to work with them.

usually Twins career is going well

The Twins try to catch all the new trends and achievements in their professional activity. And this is not only because it is useful, but because they actually like their job. They like to work in this direction, where they imagine what to do at one point or another, and when they understand what they work, but they will always be prepared for unusual and unpredictable situations. They are unlikely to appreciate the work, offering thoughtful sequence of actions, which they will need to repeat day in and day out, but even in this situation they will try to find new ways of working, will offer new concepts and different light to examine the challenges that for them appear to be too routine and boring.

If it is not, then they will try to defuse the atmosphere in the team in any comic act.

communication — an important part of professional activity Twins

What is really needed to Gemini in their work, — so is communication with people. Gemini easily find common language with any person – from the chief to the client. When you work with people, the Twins successfully identify customer needs and issues arising from them, when working with the chiefs to discuss the methodology of work in the organization, the philosophy of the production process and is able to offer many new ideas, and all they require for this is appreciation of their work, reasonable criticism of their ideas and benefit from their activities.

Twins can successfully take leadership positions, they are able to gain the love and respect of their subordinates. It is also important that the Twins are very energetic at work, and can take on plenty of responsibilities, and what is even more significant with the success to cope with them.

Gemini can’t stay indifferent to the work, — they are able to work without days off and lunch, if you feel the necessity and importance in the organization.

In the long term, the Twins need work that will give them enough freedom for expression of their ingenuity and the opportunity to enter their ideas without any restrictions. They strive for fame in a professional way and are proud of their unique approach to the task. Due to its flexibility, Gemini is able to find its place in any job, though I must admit that if this work they do not like, it will adversely affect their emotional and intellectual satisfaction.

by their nature, Twins often choose creative professions

The twins can choose a creative profession, because of the flexibility and mobility of their mind they make excellent artists, journalists, teachers, politicians, artists and even scientists.

Thus, for Twins money has very little value. Of course, thanks to her abilities, for them it is not difficult to earn them, but the money are not the goal of professional activity of Gemini. Moreover, the Twins refer to them easily and carelessly, so the periods of material prosperity for them, interspersed with periods of need. However, it’s not sad Twins – they are confident in their abilities, and know that if necessary they would not be left penniless. However, such ease of handling with money has its disadvantages, because the Twins can make rash spending — to invest in unprofitable business, to make a major purchase, lend and forget about it.