Do career women, and the male careerist?In my life there was a period when I decided that in order to feel happy and satisfied, I will certainly need to be free, Autonomous and independent. I sincerely believed that once I gain the desired freedom and independence from everything and everyone, as all my desires are immediately fulfilled, and problems solved. Here only how to reach that longed-for freedom? After some thought, I decided that the path to freedom and happiness may be only one — to make a career and earn as much money as possible. And I firmly set foot on this path, not knowing what disappointment lies ahead for me.

Career and high salary for many modern women often become the fixed idea for which they are willing to make any sacrifice, even completely unjustified. Fly as high as possible on the career ladder, pushing into the background of competitors, very, very difficult. To do this, often have to spend days and nights at work, go for broke, to risk their reputation, and sometimes health, maintaining a huge psychological and physical strain. This lifestyle not every man can withstand what is already out there talking about a woman! Besides, between men and women difference not only in physical endurance. Man-careerist do not need to bother with problems in the home — home after work, he will be greeted and served a tasty dinner and a loving caring wife. But the woman-the career woman has to withstand a double burden — and the household to pull, and to make a career. And this is, you know… So, every woman who decided to make a career, sooner or later, forced myself to answer the question: what is more important — career or family.

Previously, between men and women there was a clear delineation of responsibilities — the man worked and brought home money, and the woman ran the household and raised children. Now the times has changed. Alas, not every modern man earns enough to support a wife and children — and women have to work in order to be able to provide for themselves and their children an acceptable standard of living. But work work strife. It’s one thing if a woman comes home from work relatively early and so have time and dinner to cook, and coziness in the apartment to clean. And the picture is quite different when the woman holding the authoritative position, forced to work 12 hours a day. How could she, with such a busy at work to take time for family responsibilities and restful sleep? What a man will like to live with a wife who leaves the house early in the morning, and comes almost night, and almost immediately, broken and tired, exhausted, falls into bed and falls asleep? It turns out that the coveted career is for women not happiness, and bondage, and that women have to pay for career the highest price — personal life and family well-being! In short, a woman is a careerist itself was driven in a hopeless situation. However, there is always a way, but in this case, he’s the only one to sacrifice his high-flying ambitions for his family, in order to be a beloved wife and happy mother. I think it’s worth it!

In nature there are two poles — male and female, Yin and Yang. And to universal harmony is not disturbed, between these poles there must be an equilibrium. No matter how difficult life and survive in the modern world, but men should be men and behave like men, and women should be women and perform their primary female function is to bear children and maintain coziness in the house. When a woman adopts the model of behavior of men, it brings disharmony in the society in which he lives, and his own life. So it’s important for women to prioritize and like life, always remember that family should be in the first place, and work and career — on the second. Otherwise, if the woman will not choose your women’s path, and decides to go on a man’s way, putting on the first place career and financial well-being, her life sooner or later will come to a standstill, where it will wait for the hopeless loneliness and a complete disappointment.

The woman, who decided to elect a typically male way, and consciously sacrificing personal life for work and career, can and will achieve what she wants, but her joy will be short-lived. In the subconscious of almost every woman there is a longing to realize themselves primarily as mothers and wives, and to argue with the subconscious is useless — it will still be stronger. A woman cannot become a man, she can be masculine — both externally and internally. Repressing in ourselves the feminine, a woman will cripple your soul and breaks your own destiny. If a woman became a career woman after get married and give birth to children, becomes unhappy not only she, but her entire family. No amount of wealth can substitute for maternal warmth and caring, and no husband will feel happy, if the wife disappears for days at work! If a woman decided to give herself a career before she married, her destiny — or to stay single, or to marry a loser-henpecked, who will be forced to assume the family role of women.

Sometimes a woman would be glad to live differently, but can not get received in childhood and adolescence wrong attitudes. Many women who are so-called “the straight a student syndrome”, which they acquire in early childhood. When strict parents demand that the daughter always and everywhere be the first and ruthlessly criticized for the slightest failure in the subconscious of the girl occurs rigid installation: to earn the love we need to be as successful. Here and women aspire to the heights of career success to prove to themselves that they are, and therefore deserve love and respect. To escape from this vicious cycle and take in your world, woman’s place, a woman needs only one thing — to realize his true destiny. And the purpose of a woman is to love and be loved. This man needs to achieve something in life and make a career, to feel himself a Man and to respect myself. And the woman is enough to be kind, caring, loving wife and mother, to all the people around, including her own husband, loved, appreciated and respected her. After all, without women’s care and love can not do even the most strong, intelligent and successful man!