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There is undeniable truth in the familiar phrase “Love comes and goes, but always want to eat”.

To abandon a career in favor of love or relationship in favor of work? We’ll leave these scenes for the melodrama. In real life, smart girls learn to combine with one another.

Why are there difficulties?

You’ve achieved a promotion or a managerial position, and all the while your beloved supported you and helped you. But suddenly, when you have achieved the desired, you discover that your relationship to crack. Moreover, some of the time you think you have the kid’s still fine, until he tells you that this is not so.

Relationships can deteriorate for two reasons: either you’re fully focused on career and not paying enough attention to the beloved, or he just is jealous. Unfortunately, the last option occurs quite often, because many men feel uncomfortable with women more successful.

In any case, you need to explain to your loved one that it is left for you in the first place. For sure, he has aspirations and dreams. Your task – to support it, but don’t overdo it, so your sincere kindness will not turn into pity and sympathy.

Clearly the control of the border between family and career. Coming home, don’t think or talk about work. If you are very busy and come home late, suggest your man to meet at the cafe on a lunch break to eat and socialize.

Be sure to set aside time for the two of you. Can even turn off your phone so no one disturbs you. Try to devote enough time to your loved. Don’t forget about common friends with whom you like to spend your free time. And try not to ignore the desires and passions of his beloved.

Remember, all the money still did not earn, and happiness for dollars can’t buy. And whatever interesting and exciting your career, always leave in your life a place for loved ones.