Horoscope for 2015: Gemini (woman and man)The year of the Wooden Goat will bring the new Twin big plans, to think about things before it starts. After all, this was the year of global change for those born under this sign. In 2015, the Twins are embarking on their most important and unusual plans.

General information sign

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Love horoscope for 2015

Sexuality and overbearing nature of the Twins, will allow them to achieve in love, anything you want. Single Gemini will constantly be seeking new partners, showing miracles of ingenuity and activity. But the probability of marriage with Twins in the year of the Goat is extremely small. If you still be able to bring a representative of the sign to the altar, the family will be strong and happy for years to come. The most successful time for the marriage Union is the spring months (March, April) and autumn from September to early November. If the relationship with the opposite sex by the beginning of 2015 is not formalized, most likely, they will end in a breakup. The initiator of the break will be a Twin for which the partner will cease life interesting. Family Twins are facing a serious passion, they will disappear from the family, defending its independence and freedom. Their selfishness often becomes a cause of quarrels and scandals. To establish a relationship with a partner will help the hobby or business. House construction or major repair will be able to strengthen the Union’s Twin and his wife. Both husband and wife will do it with passion and pleasure. By mid-year relationship in the family will calm down and stabilize. Lot of trouble can bring the Twins-the women, the children, most likely, it will be connected with study. Actually, kids have more power over parents of Twins. It is the child who can destroy relationships Twin with his new boyfriend, unlike what’s the horoscope for Aries for 2015 about this same situation.

Daily career horoscope for 2015

People born under the sign of Gemini, the entire year will be spent trying to take a leadership position. And use to achieve the cherished goal of communication and influential acquaintances. Most of them will be able to achieve. But will they be able to competently lead and manage is a big question. The most favorable period for career growth Twins – from August to November 2015. Most successful people are waiting for this sign in creative work. Gemini in any case will try in 2015 to work independently, to be able to anybody to be independent and free to move as needed. However, interesting proposals will be so much that it is worth considering and creating a team of like-minded people. Such changes have a beneficial effect on the efficiency of their work and wages. Horoscope 2015 Gemini warn about the danger of losing my head from love, it can hinder your ambitious plans and to delay their implementation.

Financial horoscope for 2015

The optimism and resourcefulness of Twins in Finance will be evident all year. These people don’t depend on money. They are not difficult to find friends or acquaintances with money to realize all his ambitious plans. To spend they will basically not yourself and your family, think seriously about buying a home or expensive car. But for such transactions will have to take out a loan or borrow money from friends. If not carefully calculate their potential, then very likely the trial associated with debts. Carelessness and reckless Finance can manage the Twins in 2015 is very expensive. Year is absolutely not suitable for gambling and questionable investments, in this case, the Twins expect a loss of large amount.

Health horoscope for 2015

Astrologers predict the Twin great achievements, if they have time to take care of his health. Careless attitude towards the prevention of chronic diseases may lead this year to serious exacerbations. Will long-term treatment. It should already in the beginning of the year to examine the bodies, which had brought anxiety. Do not interfere with regular reception of vitamins and a sensible diet. In addition, increases in the year of the Goat the risk of injury. Safety while driving and in the workplace — the Twins-men for 2015. Careless attitude to health may be formed to the end of the year chronic fatigue syndrome forces for everything is just not enough. Wherefore indulge in proper rest and make sure you use the next holiday. No need to give up going to the theatre, trips outside the city. Even a quiet evening in the café will help restore energy and give strength to the next professional victories.