Maternity leave and career: how to combine business with pleasureWhat you need to know every working woman – what benefits you can expect, how to prepare for maternity leave and how to keep up with working gauge.

“Build a career” is a stable phrase in the English language. And the process of construction should be carefully planned. And here it is important not to forget about such important for every woman stage as a decree.

But how to combine the joy of motherhood with the ability to do what he likes?

What rights have a pregnant employee

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In article 64 of the Russian Labor code says that pregnancy and children are not the reason why a woman can be deprived of opportunities to earn.

If You are in the contract will be found a provision forbidding You to have children within a certain period of time, feel free to contact the court. In addition, the Labour code prohibits to dismiss:

pregnant women;

women with children under 3 years;

single mothers with children under the age of 14;

single mothers with children-invalids under 16 years of age;

Moreover, to dismiss these workers and not for redundancy or because of insufficient qualification confirmed by certification! And not probationary.

Pregnant and on certain benefits:

visit women’s clinic is paid as a normal working day;

the right to part-time work;

additional breaks for feeding children younger than 1.5 years.

How to prepare for the decree

As they say, the best thoroughly prepared improvisation. But fear not the wrath of his superiors because of his “sudden” of the decree. Any normal person (including Your Manager) is aware that nothing is more important than children simply does not exist. But because none of the working draft should not become a hindrance for You on the road to motherhood.

You will not have any problems with maternity leave, if You follow a few simple rules:

√ do Not try to “encrypted”

Be honest with the boss, let them know about your situation in advance to the leadership and colleagues had time to prepare for Your absence and did not consider Your conduct of official intrigue.

√ Prepare the under

It is better to choose and “train” the person who will temporarily replace You, that Your colleagues do not have to expend time and effort on integration, the discussion of corporate ethics and working methods adopted by the company.

√ take your time

As a rule, the higher the position of women, the faster it tends to go back to work. But do not forget that children are important, and career is only a way to make their lives better. So hurry up slowly! Moreover, even in European countries, “looped” on equality, more than 70% believe that a woman with a child is more “right” than her childless colleagues.

√ Combine business with pleasure

Time spent on maternity leave, can be used for self – education, for example, enroll in online courses or webinar, or learn a foreign language. And even cool to turn your career! There are plenty of examples of how the maternity period, women begin to work at home and earn as much that I didn’t want to go back to the annoying hustle and bustle of the office.

Consider maternity leave as a time of “downtime”, but as opening new horizons, and enjoy your motherhood – in fact this is the main purpose of every woman.