Business for love (TV)Cute!

Count how many you have in your list of favorite movies — films bright, glossy, stylish, but at the same time brilliant and full of meaning? Everyone has at least one favorite movie, but if it is not — it is not a man at all. The fact that people attacked the film “for” due to the fact that we often see is that the list of “perfect guy” main character — crazy, and the acting leaves much to be desired.

Protection film would like to build on comparing “Business for the sake of love” movie “Monte — Carl”. First — a glossy magazine for girls. The second of them — the book of old-fashioned pictures. The first tells the story of a possible real life girls of the 21st century — after all, many, many people want to write for women’s magazines, especially Cosmo. The second film tells the story of a stupid, completely implausible, as “Princess” swapped “beggar”.

Hilary Duff is very beautiful and sweet girl. No matter how it played bad whether well, it is a pleasure to watch. She always kept confident, but simple, so she is fine and perfect — fashionista, smart, beautiful. Selena Gomez — two different roles — but always dissatisfied with the face of a simpleton, different silly antics that don’t believe.

“Monte Carlo” shot this year. “for” before. So let’s all together now will nacirema and the first movie! Because the “for” worse? Nothing! It is much better! This is a bright film and the search for the ideal. And ideal there is no and never has been. The film evokes a positive feeling. And don’t swear only because of the fact that it is not “Leon” or “Kramer vs. Kramer”. The film has its own audience, which he will like.

«for» — very nice movie with excellent actors, with bright colors and life situations.